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Simply put, if you have a physical location people can visit or sell any industry-related product, you are a supplier. If you render a service such as repairs, building, painting, for instance, you are a contractor. If you are both a contractor and a supplier, you can register two separate accounts. In this event you will be billed for each account.

What you will need

In order to register your profile on you will need the following:

  • all your basic contact information on hand
  • links to your social media platforms (we require at least a Facebook account)
  • Your business location
    (If you accept walk-in clients your full address must be entered. If you only do call-outs you MUST enter at least your street name. This is important as our platform works on a location-based search system. If you can’t provide a location accurate to at least your street, you may not feature in results when people near you search for your service.)
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Proof of residence not older than three months
  • A reference letter by one of your past clients

The above three documents are all required to be featured on for the simple reason of ensuring that you are running both a legitimate and trusted business. Our entire focus is on providing only trusted tradesmen suggestions to our users. By providing us with the documents above, we can ensure the client that the authenticity of your operation has been checked. Along with checking each individual document, we will do a quick investigation into your brand to ensure that your brand hasn’t been implicated in any criminal activity in the past. Your documents are safe with us and won’t be made public unless ordered by a court of law to submit the documents to the authorities.

In order to register your profile on you will need the following:

  • all your basic contact information on hand
  • Your business location
  • Address verification by means of either a standard Proof of Residence, a screenshot of your Google MyPlaces or Google MyBusiness profile or a photograph of your printed business card containing your physical address.
  • R100 registration fee
    This once-off amount is used for checking and verifying your business location. It does not form part of the monthly membership and will be billed upon signup.