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Africa Thatch: Bringing Africa to the world.

Africa Thatch supplies this unique roofing product. Our pre-thatched panels (triangular and square frames) in modular form, allow our thatched roof products to be erected anywhere in the world. By simply attaching our pre-constructed roof and timber wall panels together, you can create umbrellas, lapas, gazebos, and cottages of various sizes. There is no need to hire expensive thatchers. Windows, doors and decorative panels can be added to our gazebos for various applications.

Africa Thatch has been in operation since 1984 and has grown from strength to strength. Our motto is service and quality excellence. Top-quality products and excellent service are what makes us proud to supply you with our unique African product.

Our units are a unique design. Our thatch roof is made in a panel form, that is compact and tightly done with genuine thatch grass and the inside of the roof is a steel structure which makes it durable, strong and maintenance-free. No combing.

Our wooden panels create a true African cosy atmosphere. We take only ONE DAY to install your complete unit.

We have years of experience, specialising in the one product that you are looking for.

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